Saturday, August 9, 2008

My First Post

Alright Ladies, and Gentlemen here is my first post. My friends always tell me I need to post some artwork, so here it is.Its actually my first fully digital drawing(didn't scan it in). It's just a quick painting and interpretation of a character I saw on a cell phone commercial, I think it was Verizon Wireless. It was weird I'm not even sure I saw it, but there was a guy who looked like a fisherman with a white mask on. So heres my Serial Killer equipped with a giant filet knife.

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Heather Berry said...

Awww Yeah! You have a blog! This fisherman serial killer dude is pretty sweet. The description is the best but I seriously doubt this guy was on a Verizon commercial. If he was I need to be paying closer attention to their commercials.